June 6 to August 13, 2016
OCCF Power

Starting Monday June 6th, we will be offering a 10 week Powerlifting cycle, which will end with a Mock Powerlifting Meet on August 13th. This is an optional program that we will run concurrently with our regular CrossFit classes. However, you will need to choose which program you are going to follow and stick with it (i.e., you can’t toggle back and forth between Powerlifting and Fitness classes). Note that if you find the Powerlifting cycle is not for you, it’s okay to switch back to the regular classes — you just can’t start in the middle of the cycle or go back and forth between programs.

The scheduled lifting days for this program are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. For those with an unlimited membership and like to come more than 3 times a week, there will be some Metcons programmed for nonlifting days. For those that have a 3 times a week membership, we recommend you do a little bit of cardio work on nonlifting days.

If you want in on OCCF Power, contact Coach Paul or Coach Mike and they’ll get you plugged in!

So, why do the Powerlifting program? It’s for you if you’ve ever said:

  • I want to compete in a Powerlifting event.
  • I want to get stronger.
  • I wish I could squat more.
  • I wish I could bench more.
  • I wish i could deadlift more.
  • I want to Snatch and Clean and Jerk more (yes powerlifting will help with that).
  • I wish I didn’t have to do a Metcon every day.
  • I want to be able to do my Metcons faster (yes being stronger helps here too).
  • I like to lift heavy stuff.
  • I don’t like to lift heavy stuff.
  • I want a good reason to eat a lot.
  • I want to have a good reason to wear a singlet.

Why do the Fitness program? If you can currently say:

  • I am currently training for a running/endurance event (marathon, half marathon, triathlon, etc).
  • I have a 2 times a week membership (the powerlifting program wouldn’t suit this membership well)
  • I have been struggling with an injury.
  • I want to be well rounded in my fitness.
  • I just started training in the last 6 months.


Monday, July 4th at 10:00am
Longview Pool (321 Bertie Drive, Raleigh, NC 27610)

Pool WOD meme

We’re taking our fitness outside The Box and heading to the Longview Pool for a pre-July 4th celebration workout! Wear your bathing suit/swim trunks and bring a towel and goggles (if you have them). It’s an OCCF tradition you don’t want to miss! RSVP your spot in Wodify by Friday July 1 (so we have enough pool passes).

2014 Pool WOD